Mary, Richard & Brandi up North

New Years at home

Winter up North

Mary up North

Mary & Brandi at cottage

BBQ up North with staff of St. Raphael's

Mary with Brother (Anna) & Parents

Mary & her Father up North

Mary working on garden

Mary & Paulette

Mary & Richard weekend in Vermont

Richard & Mary on her 50th Birthday

Mary & Sabrina

Mary, Richard & Sabrina
(First Communion)

7 weeks old
On Sept. 3, 2007 at 12 yrs
Brandi decided to join Mary


At Becket, Mary was most prayerful and peaceful. She loved worshipping the Lord and got a lot out of the Word of God and the homilies. In later years she became more contemplative, letting herself be carried into the depths of the mystery of the life of love of the Blessed Trinity, having been attracted by their love since her youth and undoubtedly childhood. I first met her at Manna Camp from 1978 (I think she was there my first year attending) until my last year which was July 8 to 14, 1990. She really enjoyed that week at Kinkora every year because we filled the week with spirituality, not just chapel time, but talks, discussions, reflections, silent time, and camaraderie. I was on the planning team for most of that time, and we spent a lot of energy planning it all, which is one reason why I stopped going. I felt it wasn't right for me to spend so much time plannng just one week, when I needed much more time and energy to plan better what I was doing all year in the parish. A number of times she told me she appreciated something I said or did there, as she was very sensitive and attentive. She was a truly spiritual soul, and I believe generous in her response to people in need or pain. God bless you.

Fr. Gilles A. Surprenant

What you're doing is nice. My special memory of Mary goes back 22 years. When I first moved to P.E.I. I didn't know anyone. I was lonely for all my friends in Montreal.Mary was the only friend who hopped on a plane and came to visit me in the dead of winter.She came for my birthday in December.When I asked her why she came,she said she knew I'd be lonely.That was so special of her. People usually come here in the summer for the beaches,not in the dead of winter.She was very special.

Paulette Vienneau

Mary was an individual who enjoyed life, family and friends. She maintained a positive attitude throughout her life regardless of the challenges that came her way. She was always ready to offer support and encouragement. We were truly fortunate to have been able to call her, friend.

John and Linda

My relationship with Mary started before I was even born, as she had been chosen by my parents to be my godmother. She knew my parents from Montreal and, as a dear friend, they had decided to include her in my life. Because we moved to the States shortly after my first year in the world, my time spent with Mary was few and far between. But, she never forgot my birthday or a special event in my life. My first conscious memory of her was when she came down to our home in Connecticut with Richard for a visit. We were able to reacquaint ourselves and I had an opportunity to get to know the generous and loving spirit of my godmother. I was fortunate enough to have gone to visit her and Richard toward the end of her life at their home in Quebec with a close friend of mine. I got to meet their dog Brandi and enjoyed a pleasant meal at their lovely home. She shared photographs of her time in Montreal with my parents and me as an infant. I am so grateful I was able to reconnect with Mary before she passed away. While our relationship was stunted by the distance between us, I always knew she was thinking of me and me, of her.